A blank canvas and a plan

​’To start blogging’ has been on my to-do list since 2007. In fact, I had even started one titled “Always on a Saturday” in 2008. Then, for various reasons including the fact that I got busy moving from Mumbai and settling in Dubai, the blog never grew much.

Like most others out there, I was intimidated by the vastness of the blogging universe. Besides learning to operate the blog software, there was also the nagging question: What should I blog about?

It feels like having a blank canvas and a vast array of oil and acrylic colors before me. What do I do with them? Which medium should I choose? What artistic style do I employ? Actually, what story – what scene – do I want to capture on canvas? And what if it all turns out pathetic?

The truth is, to get started, I don’t need to know all the answers. So I’m starting to mix the colors and moving the brush over the canvas in the hope that gradually, I will see my masterpiece emerge.

I have a fair idea on the three things I wish to publish online. These three things I do pretty well, and I’d like to share them with others who also enjoy doing them. These interests are…

  • Communications (public relations)
  • Painting 
  • Short stories

And with this brief outline, I’m launching myself into the unknowns of the blogosphere. 


About Burgess Baria

By profession, I am a storyteller. I enjoy communicating for corporations, and I love writing short stories. I also sketch and paint.
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