Letters to Sam

My cousin Sam lives in London and is seriously considering a career switch. She told me that 20 years as an English school teacher had ‘left her decimated.’ That’s why, she is so ready to jump careers when her current academic year ends in mid 2017.

“I’m exhausted!” she said during her visit to Mumbai in August. “My work day starts at 6 am and ends past midnight. Thankfully, both my kids are in college, but I have dozens of 11 year olds waiting for me at school. At first, it felt great – you know, molding lives and all – but all that’s gone. Every evening, I drag a sack-full of homework back with me. While other folks head out to the gym and have fun weekends, I have assignments to mark, PowerPoint presentations to prepare, report cards to make – and it just keeps going on endlessly!”

Things began to look up or her when her friend, Mark, who heads a PR firm in London, suggested that she could work for him. Before she decides, she’d like me to tell her about the world of communications, since my experience with this industry almost spans a decade. “I don’t want to read a book on public relations,” she insisted, “because my mind won’t relate to them. I’d like you to tell me, whenever you have some time out of your settlement process in Canada.”

So, over the next few weeks and months, I shall tell her, through my Letters to Sam.


About Burgess Baria

By profession, I am a storyteller. I enjoy communicating for corporations, and I love writing short stories. I also sketch and paint.
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