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By profession, I am a storyteller. I enjoy communicating for corporations, and I love writing short stories. I also sketch and paint.

Letters to Sam

My cousin Sam lives in London and is seriously considering a career switch. She told me that 20 years as an English school teacher had ‘left her decimated.’ That’s why, she is so ready to jump careers when her current academic year … Continue reading

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A blank canvas and a plan

​’To start blogging’ has been on my to-do list since 2007. In fact, I had even started one titled “Always on a Saturday” in 2008. Then, for various reasons including the fact that I got busy moving from Mumbai and … Continue reading

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Exiting the UAE: Tips for the Departing Expat

Tips on making your departure from the UAE easier. Continue reading

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The Proud Cow

A village cow gave very good milk. Each morning, she would eat green grass on the high slopes where other cattle would not go. There, she would graze six hours a day, and spend three more lying down and chewing … Continue reading

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PR Terms Explained in a Knight Way

Once upon a time in a faraway land of Mismanagia, a powerful king called Ful O’Crap issued a royal COMMMUNIQUE, stating that he’d like to have Purple Quail in Honeysuckle Sauce for dinner on his 67th birthday. ‘This is our … Continue reading

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